Difference Between Online Class and Campus Class


Education is the process by which our minds develop through learning at an institution. Normally, we attend physical classes in order to acquire knowledge. But during this Covid-19 pandemic, it is quite impossible to attend physical classes. Thus, online classes are our regular thing nowadays. But there’re huge differences between these two systems. 

Difference Between Online Class and Campus Class

What is Online Class?

An online class is a system where courses are conducted over the internet. They are normally conducted through a learning management system where learners can view their progress easily. It is also known as distance learning. It has got huge popularity because of this pandemic.

What is Campus Class?

Campus class means engaging in an activity by a faculty member or a student of an educational institution on the campus. Here all students and teachers are connected in a far better way than online class. This is the normal type of class all over the world. Teachers and students all are to attend physically on the institutional campus.

The Emergence of On-Campus Class

There are a lot of emergences of on-campus class. In campus class, students can easily build good communicating networking which is too much helpful for them for their student life and corporate life. Teachers can teach their students more effectively. And the practical classes cannot be taken online. Most people are used to this system. 

Pros and Cons of On-Campus Class

In campus class students are required to attend regular classes on the campus. Access to learning materials is not a problem here. In on-campus classes, there are a lot of study materials available for students. They’ve libraries and it’s one of the most important advantages of the on-campus classes. In on-campus classes, we can interact with other students and teachers face to face. Lecturers can teach us more effectively. Students can do group study. Lab facilities are also only available in on-campus classes.

Having a lot of advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Online classes are more flexible than offline. In order to verify identity, every campus is not as good as an online system.

Pros and Cons of Online Class

Online classes have so many advantages as well. Students have not to attend on campus every day. It sometimes saves their time and energy. Most of the online classes are being recorded by the teachers and shared with the students. So students can look at those classes whenever they want even after the class has been taken place. 

Online classes give me a huge free time. This can be an advantage and disadvantage. If a student spends those times gaming, watching movies or series, hanging out with friends in a large amount then, it can be bad for him. But if s/he use some a part of this time in those tasks and another part in some productive work or in their learning, then it will really be helpful for him. Another challenge of online classes is, everyone doesn’t get a smartphone, everyone has not the ability to attend classes using broadband or using mobile data.

My Experience During Covid-19 Pandemic

In the present situation, an online class is a must. All over the world, the education process was stopped because of this pandemic. But online class came with the solution. Though the online class has so many disadvantages, it is the only possible media to continue the education process during this pandemic. But the problem is, everyone does not own an electronic device by which s/he can attend the class. So helping them to buy one and then taking online classes with proper guidance and proper training can be okay.


Every system has some advantages and some disadvantages. The same is true for online classes and campus classes. But besides some disadvantages, campus class is better than online class. Though in this pandemic, we are okay to go through the online classes, but campus classes should be started as soon as possible.

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